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December 17, 2018

Useful Tips for Getting Married

No doubt about it: your big day, the most important of all, is the day of your wedding.

Yes, the most important. Why? Very simple: because it is a new beginning, you start a new life and, as if it were not enough, you have ahead a great celebration, full of joy and tons of unforgettable moments. Wow, that’s important!

But in addition to these reasons, you are about to take an important step: from now on, you will share your life with the person you chose, that great love, with whom you will begin to walk a new path, together. And nothing better than building it on a solid basis, that allows you to seek shared happiness.

It takes effort, patience and commitment; But, above all, very high doses of love and passion.

Soon, you will begin your marriage life! And we all wish for it to be eternal. That is why, even though you are now in the middle of preparing for your wedding, it is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the future of your marriage and what you expect from your partner. It’s just a moment! But it pays to think about these keys to having a happy marriage.

And now, without further ado, we share our top 20 tips for couples that are getting married. Do not miss these wise recipes that will make your shared life a true bed of roses.

Let’s start now!

  1. Live the present. That is, do not postpone your happiness. Never.
  2. Now they are more than husband and wife: they are partners of life. And it’s not too bad to have your own song, your place in the world, a phrase that identifies you …
  3. Love also goes through the belly. Arrange a collection of cooking recipes to prepare your partner. Remember that those details make the difference.
  4. Go to sleep angry, never. The problems are not solved in bed, but before and without childish pride.
  5. Never lose your temper. Life is difficult enough to complicate it further. Keep calm and take everything with philosophy and much, but much more humor.
  6. Trust is the foundation. Your partner is your best friend, your ally and your confidant. It is who best knows your fears and your dreams. Remember that only with confidence you can build a truly solid relationship.
  7. Routine, away from home. Nothing like breaking the monotony by rehearsing new and funny things: surprise him/her with breakfast to bed, give flowers without a reason, plan an unexpected trip, sing a serenade even though you have been married for years.
  8. Be sincere. Recognizing one’s mistakes is the first step. And ask for forgiveness, the second.
  9. Maximize contact. There is always a good reason to give love. And there is nothing more exhilarating than feeling loved. Is your partner gloomy? Fill it with kisses and hugs. Love heals. And when you walk together, go hand in hand: let the world know that you love each other.
  10. Money is for both. And both must contribute equitably, without arguments or power disputes. Money does not make happiness, unless it is shared.
  11. There are no definitive roles. The two can and must fulfill all the roles: work, take care of the home, walk the dog, pay the bills and all the etcetera’s that enter the list. Now you are a couple and you are together, in good and bad.
  12. A happy couple, celebrate everything. And when I say everything, that’s all! Any excuse is good for celebrating love, especially birthdays and anniversaries. And if important dates are missing, we invent them, that’s cool too.
  13. Good manners are never bad. Good day! How was your day? Goodnight! Being polite and kind, stretches love and passes on those around us.
  14. Pleasure is shared. Because living sex with happiness and enjoying life together is the best thing that can happen to both of you.
  15. Stay in shape and take care of your appearance. Even if you’re at home all day, never lose that charm that made you so special in your beloved eyes.
  16. I love you. Repeat it whenever you can, and do not miss an opportunity to say it. It is the best way to show how much you admire your partner and the pride that causes on you.
  17. You are a team now. And this means that decisions are also made jointly, no matter whether they are big or small.
  18. Never take your wedding ring. On the contrary, show it with pride
  19. I am I and you are you. Learn to tolerate the other, to appreciate the differences and to respect your spaces, tastes, times and friends. You are a couple, but also individuals.
  20. Take time to be alone. Do you have demanding jobs, children and pets? Does not matter. Spend a daily time on the two of you alone. Thus, you will always feel close to each other.

Lastly, and if these wise tips for couples were not enough, you had a super different tip for your wedding. A drawer of advice! That is, a vintage wooden drawer, with heart-shaped note-boards, so that the guests leave their best advice before embarking on this new experience.

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