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Trend in weddings: Anemones, a flower of rustic beauty-0
October 4, 2017

Trend in weddings: Anemones, a flower of rustic beauty

This lovely flower, from the Asian mountains and famous for its splendid colorful notes, is a trend that grows and grows for events and weddings.

We know how difficult it is to find the perfect flower for your bridal event. The one that represents your dreams and feelings, on that special day. It is one of the most important decisions, besides dress and styling.

And when choosing the flowers that will be part of the bouquet and the decoration of your wedding, we introduce you to the so-called “flower of the wind”, the anemone, a floral species that will make you look in all its splendor.

Anemones love, just that. They are flowers of great delicacy, which will highlight any floral composition that you choose for the decoration of the church and the party, as well as complete your dress on your dreamed path to the altar.

These beautiful and elegant flowers, whose origin goes back to China and Japan, can be found in a great variety of colors. Its flowers are cup-shaped and feature a typical central button.

One of the most used variants is the white anemone, also combined with pale roses, which brings light and charm to any floral creation.

Certainly, you can also use it alone, as a flower protagonist of a bouquet or headdress, but it is very well combined with other floral species, in addition to the suggested pale roses, such as peonies and marimonies. And if you add a touch of wild green, your bouquet will definitely be charming!

We hope that our floral suggestion will inspire you: with its colorful palette, ideal for creating and combining in bouquets, headdresses, boutonnieres (mini bouquets for the groom and godparents), centerpieces, floral compositions and more. The anemone is a perfect companion for your big day.

Are you thinking of a bouquet of anemones? Try it, you’ll love it! And if this floral note gave you new ideas, share it now!

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