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Tips for the groom: the words on your wedding day.-0
November 26, 2018

Tips for the groom: the words on your wedding day.

Imagine this scene: wedding ceremony, just as the excited groom prepares to speak in front of a crowd of guests. Is there anything more touching than that romantic moment, when the newlyweds express all their love through their speeches? Impossible! It is something magical and special, that you will remember forever. That’s why we give you some ideas to prepare the perfect speech for your own wedding, or for your best man. Always remember that the most important thing is to speak from the heart!

  • Share your feelings. That’s what all the guests would like to hear: your feelings. Because in every wedding speech, the most important thing is to celebrate the love and joy that arises from the union of two beloved people.
  • First step, prepare yourself. Do not wait until the very last moment, thinking that inspiration will come that day. Better, anticipate and the muses surprise you by working.
  • Second, introduce yourself to the audience. Some may not know you very well. This is the moment to say who you are and why you are so happy.
  • Tell something that is important to both, a little anecdote, a nice touch that makes everyone smile. How did you meet? How was your first date? How did you propose marriage? Surely, the beginnings include some colorful note that will be fun to everyone.
  • The good, if brief, is twice as good! This means that your speech should be captivating and brief, avoid boring the guests. Between two and three minutes will suffice. Never more than five, please!
  • It’s not me, it’s us. It’s your wedding, and there’s no one more important than you two together. Neither one nor the other, both. That is why, when you pronounce your speech, you use terms like “we” and not “I”. Do not forget that the great love of your life is that person sitting next to you.
  • Humor, your faithful companion. Yes, a touch of humor always helps. You can start your speech with a brief joke to break the ice and gain confidence. In this way, you capture the attention of the guests and achieve their empathy. An extra piece of information: if the humor is related to a story about the bridal couple, much better!
  • Flowery language, leave it for novels. Here, for your speech, the important thing is to speak from the bottom of your heart. And nothing better than a familiar and simple language, but without being too informal. It’s your wedding: be yourself!
  • Mention your affections. It is very gratifying to remember all those who were part of the relationship and helped you to grow as a couple: parents, siblings, friends. Thereby, you can show them how much you care and how valuable they are to both of you. And if you decided to name a relative who is no longer present in your speech, do it briefly, valuing his memory.
  • Rehearse! At your house and in front of the mirror. What seems to be simple at first sight, may become extremely difficult when you have to repeat it in front of hundreds of people. Instead, if you practice your words and gestures, you will gain self-confidence. It is also useful to remember some sections of the speech and try to observe the reaction of the guests when you are not reading.


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