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June 21, 2019

Three questions about Magic Mirror Photobooths

What is the secret of the Magic Mirror?

The secret of the MagicMirror is behind the mirror; that’s where a camera takes a photo and converts it into a work of art with some help from you! The mirror’s touchscreen helps to enhance images with a signature, drawing or even an emoji! Every image is printed immediately, and guests can also email, or text their images!

What makes the Magic Mirror stand out?

  1. The Magic Mirror is definitely more aesthetically pleasing and is more suitable for decor at a wedding.  
  2. The Magic Mirror uses the latest photo and touchscreen technology to provide wedding guests an interactive experience.  
  3. The experience will result in a more interactive offering for your guests.
  4. This kind of photo booth contains dozens of animations so each guest will experience a different session.  

So, what makes it different?

The Mirror Magic creates an unforgettable experience because it’s so much more than a photo booth. It’s a fun and interactive device made for modern events. It offers a user experience unlike any other, yet it’s so simple a child can use it.

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