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July 17, 2017

Honeymoon: Important facts when traveling

The time has come! After so many preparations for your big day, it’s time to relax and enjoy the long-awaited honeymoon. It is essential that your honeymoon trip turns out perfect, since it is the beginning of a long-shared life. But before choosing your dream destination, it is important to keep in mind some details.

Are you ready to start your journey? So, we propose 10 tips for that unique and special moment to become a wonderful experience for both.

  1. Travel is the best investment in life. Therefore, the first thing is to establish a budget for your trip, based on your tastes. Look for the options that best suit your pockets in advance, and set your priorities.
  2. With all the wedding details, it is very easy to forget something. Then, it is best to plan in advance all the open items: destination, flights, hotels, documents, suitcases and personal items. Keep in mind that many international travels require a visa, and these procedures may require more time.
  3. It’s simple: now you are two, and the two must choose. Think that this trip is the culmination of your big day. And the best thing is to look for shared alternatives which are also attractive to you both. If you prefer warm places, beach is the destination; If you opt for the cold weather, a mountain accommodation is the ideal alternative; and if you are a couple who love to explore, big cities or exotic destinations are excellent options. The important thing is that the destiny is new for both, thus the experience will be more enriching.
  4. It is essential to consider the time of the year in which you are going to travel. Especially if you decide to undertake an adventure in areas of extreme climate.
  5. Arrange a travel first aid kit in advance. And if you use specific medications do not forget to include them to avoid inconveniences.
  6. Investigate about the destination you are going to visit. Knowing the food, the weather, the customs, the obligatory vaccines and other details are essential to avoid surprises. For example, do not forget the plug adapters, which are indispensable for charging the cell phone!
  7. If you are looking for detailed information about your destination, including attractions, accommodations, restaurants and more, tourist guides are an excellent choice for you.
  8. Medical insurance. On your honeymoon, it is best not to take risks. Hire health insurance coverage that covers you from any unforeseen emergencies and relax with full joy.
  9. It is true: with your international credit card, you will not have problems in almost any part of the world, but many times you will be forced to use the local currency of your destination. Find out where it is most convenient to make the currency exchange and anticipate the problems.
  10. At home. Have you thought about everything you leave there? Do you have plants to water? Pets to feed? Be sure to leave a responsible person to take care of all those basic things of your daily life.

With these tips from our travel specialists, your honeymoon will be wonderful! Get your luggage ready and share this note!

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