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May 15, 2019

10 Reasons to choose a Photosmile Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror creates an unforgettable experience because it’s much more than a photo booth. It’s a fun interactive device that offers a user experience unlike any other, yet it’s so simple that everyone can enjoy it. Magic Mirror photo booth is perfect for all occasions! And here are our 10 reasons to choose it:

  1. The Mirror engages your guests with colorful voice animations and prompts.  
  2. A Magic Mirror provides each guest with a personalized keepsake from your event.
  3. The Magic Mirror photo adds an entertainment value to your event that old school booths just can´t provide.
  4. The experience is not the same for everyone.
  5. The Magic Mirror can easily be rented from Photosmile miami.
  6. Photo booths at weddings are common these days. So you must think of something special which can help your photo booth stand apart in the crowd.  The Magic Mirror is great in appearance and gives your guests an entertaining and interactive experience.
  7. Old style booths can be bulky, unattractive, and conspicuous.  The magic Mirror can also be designed in line with the theme of your event with a custom welcome screen, frame, carpet, and branded cover.
  8. Mirror photo booths are quite new. Be one of the first to have this unique experience at your event.
  9. It’s a full length mirror with the camera hidden behind.  You will be able to see yourself during the entire “selfie” experience.  
  10. Fun prerecorded animations are the most unique feature of the Mirror. You can have custom animations that portray any mood for your event.

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